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New Nike Kyrie 4 “Uncle Drew” For Sale 2018

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New Jordans 2017, who is currently filming the UNCLE DREW movie, appeared on Reggie Miller’s live stream recently. He was dressed in Uncle Drew’s standard dress and had a Nike Kyrie 4 on his feet. The “Uncle Drew” series of advertisements created by Pepsi and NBA’s gorgeous guard Kyrie Irving made K2 pretend to be an elderly person and went to the basketball park to “destroy” young players. This idea has triggered global debate since the first game. The sequels were also launched successively and invited Kevin Love, Ray Allen, Nate Robinson, and WNBA star Maya Moore to participate.Even Lord of the Rings Bill Russell had a guest appearance.
The most successful Nike Jordans 2018 in recent years has recently been confirmed by Kyire to make it into a big screen! Although the official plan for this movie has not yet been announced, the latest episode “Uncle Drew” has been officially announced. Pepsi will team up with Nike to create a special website during this year’s All-Star, selling a series of “Uncle Drew”. As the theme of the limited single product, you can not miss the shoes fans friends! The design of the grip and change of direction is a major feature of the Nike Kyrie collection.The most active signature shoes, and this time, nike redouble their efforts, starring Kerry Owen’s micro-film, do not play with the old man’s series of “Uncle Drew” as inspiration for the design of this Nike Kyrie 1 “Uncle Drew”, The upper is rendered using an old-fashioned treatment, which is rather special.
In this new pair of Buy Cheap Adidas Yeezy, which may be Kyrie 4, the most compelling editors are those whose soles extend to the outside like jagged structures. From the 2nd generation of the forefoot oval protrusions and the 3rd generation using the bilateral special grip areas, what kind of presentation will be followed, and we look forward to more information for us to answer. Looking back at the past, Kyrie 1~3 were all scheduled to be published in December. If everything is still in place, Kyrie 4 will officially meet with you before the end of the year and wait patiently. Nearly a month and a half since KYIRE 1 “Psychedelic Red” on January 10th, before the “Black Month” series, and now on the GS fund that has been put on sale at nike.com, KYRIE 1 really counts as nike array.

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