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New 2018 Under Armour Curry 4 “CNY” Custom For Sale

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The difference from New Jordans 2018 is that all the uppers are made of woven materials, the toe caps are wrapped with hot-melt material, and the heel is made of leather. The Under Armour Logo followed by the inset Curry Logo was adorned with dazzling gold and ended with a splash of ink in the midsole and a light blue crystal outsole.The legendary series and the Assassin series are Nike’s current only surviving football shoes series for more than a decade. If the assassins rely on high-tech and cool looks, then the legend is based on excellent touch.  Under Armour Curry 4 ‘CNY’ is based on the red and black colors previously sold, regardless of color or pattern. The design is full of oriental flavor, echoing the elements of the Warriors City Edition jersey.
The Nike Jordans 2018 the festivity of the New Year. Chinese characters “Warriors” are also written on both sides of the shoes, and Stephen Curry is engraved on the heel. The slogan ‘I CAN DO ALL THINGS’ is indeed an admirable detail. The totem uses Jason Voorhees as the main character after putting on a hockey mask in the film “Friday 13”, and combines the Swoosh Logo skillfully with the weapon used by the protagonist of the movie. It’s quite interesting. The overall dull tone.In 2017, Nike launched the seventh generation of the legendary series. It also incorporated the high-tech elements into this shoe for the first time. Combine the ink-jet details with a blood-stained look that highlights the ambiguous atmosphere of exclusive Halloween.Black upper with a white midsole and ice blue translucent outsole, plus a new braided shoe cover body design, as well as a gold logo embellishment, the overall shape may even be more popular than the previously unveiled home color match.
Jordans Release 2018 should also be wearing the color matching sneakers in the finals G3. The new Threadborne fabric from the parachute parachute cord has evolved from the fiber material of the parachute parachute, with thin, strong and tough characteristics, in the process of start-up, change of direction. The bending of the upper does not bring too much pressure and discomfort to the foot, which is enough to show the light and comfortable experience brought by the new fabric upper. The previous Curry 3 market was flat, UA’s share of the US market was also exceeded by adidas, and the new Curry signature boots were highly valued by UA. The appearance of Curry’s most criticized family has changed a lot in the new generation of Curry 4. The overall structure of the Curry 4 uses the most popular knitted sock design. The contours of the upper are smooth and provide a good level of comfort. The thin fiber synthetic veneer that surrounds the upper side of the upper and wraps up to the ankle position reinforces the support of the upper and provides sufficient protection for the foot.
Buy Cheap Adidas Yeezy is applied between the knitted upper and the veneer, and the tightness is adjusted using the laces to achieve a dynamic support effect similar to the NIKE fly line technology. In the bottom, the official has not yet given an introduction, it should be UA headed Charged midsole. The outsole is a high-value crystal jelly bottom with two circular shadings on the forefoot and heel, respectively, which are the largest bearing positions and provide multi-directional slip resistance. The cross pattern on the heel further strengthens the traction of the foot. The half-moon-shaped support pad of the arch portion helps to optimize the structure and performance, and helps the foot to move more flexibly. The above technologies have brought the best performance for the guard technology, and I believe it is also suitable for most basketball fans’ habits. The Curry 4 Low not only reduces the uppers, but also uses elasticated socks to make the ankle activities more flexible. The overall color is pure white.

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