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New Nike Lebron 15 “30000 Points” Burgundy PE For Sale

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The highly anticipated New Jordans 2017, as James’s current favorite sneaker, is on sale! The 15th generation does not only seem to make a difference. The scale-like texture is more three-dimensional. It looks very solid and tough.Finally at last, with the long-awaited fan campaign of James Wong’s China campaign, James’s 15th double-signed Nike Lebron 15 also finally surfaced. Thousands of fans shouted at MVP’s sound waves, and Zhan Huang finally appeared in people’s eyes. In the center of this crowd of people, it is the kindred Zhan Huang and the new boots Lebron 15.
This Nike Jordans 2018, brown and pale gold to create a color combination. It is equipped with Nike’s latest uppers technology BattleKnit and the latest midsole technology BattleMax, and finally with light blue crystal. Rendered at the end. The Nike LeBron 15 “City Edition” was the shoe that was exposed. The luxurious grey tone is the most popular when many colors are on the line. The new color LeBron 15 still belongs to the big family of LeBron 15, but the overall grey tone is refreshing. LeBron 15 was designed with the needs of non-basketball enthusiasts in mind, so the new generation of boots will not have the exaggerated look of traditional sneakers.
In contrast, New Jordans 2018 is more of a living. But this does not represent a compromise in the performance of their shoes. The new air cushions excel in flexibility. The support plates built into the shoes also make steering easy, ignoring jealousy, and chasing greatness. LeBron 15 “Ghost” pays tribute to LeBron James’s determination to pursue his predecessor’s feats. The new boots are equipped with BattleKnit uppers and a powerful combination cushioning system to help you break out sharply throughout the course. The first is that LeBron James personally unpacked, compared to this one, the most clear one. Before the split air cushion part he got more angles in the UCLA practice ball exposure, you can refer to it; the upper, Nike for the weaving The application of the material is already mature.

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